“Army of Roses”

By: Jehan Alfarra

Muslims in general, and Muslim Palestinian women in particular, have been framed throughout the years by Western writers, and depicted in a way that is almost entirely divergent from reality. Barbara Victor is an example of such writers who trace one particular subject with absolute bias, while claiming objectivity. Choosing “Palestinian Women suicide Bombers” as her main focus, Victor introduces one of the trashiest and most disgusting books ever.

Barbara Victor’s “Army of Roses”, first published in 2003, claims to have thoroughly explored the psychology of “Palestinian Women Suicide Bombers” and their motivations which, according to Victor and her Zionist-reliant sources, have almost nothing to do with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but rather the submission to:

a) A male-dominated society, where women are nothing but inferior articles
and b) a religion based on martyrdom, which she states to be “the first pillar of Islam”! (Yes, a grave error; just like the countless factual errors permeating this book)

Victor appears to be entirely ignorant of the Arabic language, Islam, and the Arab culture in general; accordingly, she frames the Palestinian society in an awfully horrendous way.

I put together a few clips as an overview of a seminar conducted by a group of young Palestinians in Gaza, mainly women, to somewhat reveal the bias and absolute inaccuracy of Victor’s book after a thorough, 3-month-long study.

3 responses

  1. insert_username

    Quite interesting. Have any of these people, or perhaps local Palestinian academics, written in an academic journal regarding this matter? Maybe that might be an idea to further expose this book in Western academic circles

    December 24, 2010 at 11:58 am

    • Well, the intention is there. Just a matter of time 🙂

      January 1, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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