Gaza Children celebrate the UDHR

By: Jehan Alfarra

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Lost my voice, caught the flu, missed a class, yet it was most definitely worth every bit of effort!

This took me like 10 years back in time. Although I don’t recall such celebrations at my school back then, I could still SO see myself in those children.

I wanna do it again!

On December, 16, 2010, all UNRWA schools in Gaza had an open day in celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And as a YES alumnus in Gaza, along with two more YES almuni, I took up the responsibility of preparing and organizing one of those celebrations at a UN school. Organizing the entire event, from training the children to cutting the papers and making the crowns, all in a matter of 2 days was a real challenge for us. It was EXHAUSTING, but the enjoyment and excitement was immense 🙂

It astounds me how children are almost the same everywhere in the world. You get the bully, the popular, the shy, the dumb, the bright, the nerdy, the nice, and the mean. They are all innocent in their own way.

I really love children!! Aren’t they just the cutest, most adorable things?
Their enthusiasm, their smiles and laughs, their reaction and responses to the puppet show, which was by the way the first puppet show I’d ever done, and the mysterious innocent sparkles in their eyes filled my heart with unutterable delight.

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  1. Sarah

    They’re really really cuuuuuuuute jeej!

    January 2, 2011 at 11:02 am

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