How about MARCH, 14th? :D

Why Palestinians will protest on 15 March

By: Jehan Alfarra

So beautifully they marched, with one voice they shouted “End the division!”. Tomorrow is the day… ‘March, 15’… Feels too far! Why not today! Today? Yes today!
So spontaneously, Palestinian youth of all ages, guys and girls, went out to the streets calling for a Palestinian Unity. We went to Remal, to the unknown soldier square. Some were distributing pamphlets, and others visiting shop keepers telling them to close their shops tomorrow and asking them to join the demonstration.

I observed the police members around us, by the legislative council right across the street. I watched them as we walked and sang! Some smiling, and others going back and forth not knowing what to do. Later, I heard them  in mosques encouraging the protest! Helping with the organization, even! I don’t know what to expect… Only tomorrow has the answer…

These are the photos I managed to take with my humble phone camera before the battery died:

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