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Vittorio, Jihad, and So Many Question Marks!

Photos from Gaza. Mourning the loss of our Brother Vittorio, and protests condemning his murder.

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Written By: Jehan Alfarra

Last Friday (April, 8th) was another tribulation in the interminable, life-long list of our tragedies here in Gaza. It wasn’t anything unusual really, but it was still agonizing and I could not help but write something brief about it. This Friday (April, 15th), however, was a tragedy of a different sort. Palestine has lost a jewel. A sparkling, precious jewel and a loved son. All Palestinians have lost a dear brother- Vittorio Arrigoni.

“In my DNA, my blood, there are particles that push me to struggle for freedom and human rights.” Vittorio


From Gaza, With Love. (RIP Vittorio Arrigoni)

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