Motor for My Valentine..

*When sorrows [In our case; MASAYEB] come, they come not single spies, but in battalions* Hamlet

My week!
1- Cyber attacks and hackings into internet servers in Gaza caused random cyber blackouts. I received 6 messages so far from the internet company apologizing for the disconnection.
2- My laptop screen stops working because of the weak and unstable electricity generated by our retarded power generator.
3- Fuel is not allowed to get into Gaza, causing an electricity crisis. (considering the 8-hour schedule we had since the siege was imposed on Gaza wasn’t a real crisis -_-“)
4- Valentine’s: The power plant shuts down and the 6 hours per day electricity  schedule starts. Our power generator stops working. I can’t use my laptop even if it was fully charged (battery lasts for 3 hours) because the screen doesn’t work and I need to connect it to a pc monitor temporarily, which requires electricity.
5- Internet crisis continues, so even during the six hours, internet keeps going on and off.
6- No internet in most internet Cafe’s
7- If I want to go to a restaurant to make use of their electricity and do some work I can’t because the laptop screen doesn’t work and I can’t just take a PC monitor with me!
7- We get a new power generator, but the fuel problem is continuing and I don’t know when we’re going to run out and become unable to turn it on.
8- Water bumps occasionally stop because of the electricity crisis.
9- It’s so fucking hard to take a God damn shower!! It is cold and we need to turn on the water heater for at least 30 minutes before any shower, and because it’s a heavy load on the power generator we can’t turn it on unless there is electricity! Now imagine, 6 hours per day that sometimes come when we’re asleep or when we’re out should be made use of for showers not just for me but also the rest of the family!
10- I had to miss #LoveUnderApartheid! 😦 but am happy it was trending worldwide on twitter!! Listen to Lina’s story :(, to Tayseer and Lana’s, and to Laila’s..
11- INTERNET IS STILL EFFING ME UP, I’ve been trying to upload this damn video I made quickly as soon as we got electricity back on the 14th for 3 days now! But YouTube uploads aren’t resumable..
12- Am forced to delays tons of crap

Palestine has been going through a rough Time… Khader Adnan entered his 62nd day of hunger strike, and the world isn’t even blinking!! Had he been as Israeli soldier, I am willing to bet the world would have imposed a siege on the rest of Palestine.
A bus full of Palestinian children going on a trip ran into a truck yesterday.. Look at the reaction of Israeli’s on facebook…

I have a feeling that once fuel is back into the strip and we’re back to the 8-hour schedule, they will be like ‘Problem Solved’!!! NO IT FUCKING ISN’T! Or WOULDN’T be even!
But you know what? All of this distress made me reflect on something I was told by an Iraqi friend of mine once.. Iraqi’s get 3-4 hour of electricity per day. I thought I knew what they were going through because of our electricity problem. But those few days have been NOTHING like what we had.. It’s unbelievably stressful, time wasting, and infuriating! I pray for them..


This is the video I finally managed to get uploaded, and it just summarizes my day on the 14th and sneak into the power generator routine in Gaza..

In the meantime, check out the info about Gaza’s first Talent Show which I’ve been working on relentlessly. We are forced to delay it until March, but I will write and update asap.
Now lemme hurry and take a shower before electricity is out, and then I’ll get back to write about the zillion things I need to write about; hopefully without the noise of a power generator..

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  1. rena

    you are incredibly eloquent.

    February 27, 2012 at 1:27 pm

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